Well ladies, if you listened to last week’s podcast I walked you through the steps of Weekly Success Planning and how to up-level your Sunday prep.  Over the course of last weekend, we did a live version of this with accountability in our facebook group and for some extra support and accountability, was giving away free Life Balance planners.  Super fun, and I am so proud of the work that everyone put in to move their life forward in a positive balanced way.  Serious rock star status!  If your not a member of our free community, you should be.  Join us by searching Your life rocks community in FB or go to Your Life and click on community.  Well, today’s episode was supposed to play off that topic and help you prep for your work week.  I was planning on sharing my tips to set up for successfully hitting your career goals and walk you through the steps to help you do that….but I felt God had this message for you instead.  So, the career stuff will have to wait till next week’s episode because this week’s episode is all about faith.

This topic has been brewing for a long time.  It has really taken my notice a lot in the last few weeks from observing women in our FB group, my friends, my social media news feed.  I recently listened to a sermon online that hit the nail on the head and then God brought it all together for me.

I have talked a lot about obedience on this podcast.  For good reason.  God has taught me a lot about obedience over the last year.  I am a rebel at heart and have always avoided this.  I am a go against the grain, lead instead of follow kind of girl.  A side note, I am also an ISFP in Myer Briggs which means I do this in a quite way.  I have never done things just to do them. And so much of the religious obedience seemed well, religious.  If the cross was all I needed, why did I have to do all the other things?

Submission that’s why.  Bottom line, being obedient is about giving in to his ways and not my own.  When I do that, my good Father takes care of me.  He heals me.  Healing is growth, but it means we have to let go of being broken and look to him to be made whole.

In the past, I would have looked at this stuff as trying to be good enough.  It’s not about being good enough.  We can never be good enough.  When we obey God we are allowing him to heal us.  Right now there is this message of the world that we are not broken.  We are perfect and amazing and have the power for greatness in all of us.  While yes, some of that is true, it is because of the God that is in us.  I see broken all around me.  I feel it inside me.  At my day job, I witness hundreds of people a month in a unique situation.  My family owns and escape room and part of running this business are watching people in the room.  It is very interesting to watch.  The brokenness always comes out in one way or another.  It’s beautiful.

While on one side, there are universalists telling us we are not broken.  We have the other side and I’m sad to say a lot of them are Christians, that glorify the broken.  This is so true, especially with moms.  The hot mess express, no time to shower, so busy I can’t remember my name, living on coffee, stressed to the max, beyond busy is the identity that so many cling to.  We wear it like a badge of honor.  Is that what God is really about?

I acknowledge that I am broken.  But I also acknowledge that I am made whole in him.  The sermon that I was listening to had this great analogy.  Imagine all these people driving down a highway and they all run out of gas.  They get out of the cars and talk to each other, admit that they let their car go to empty.  Then they swap stories of why they let their car go to empty.  The bond over it, begin to wear it as a badge of honor and enjoy it.  Meanwhile, there is a gas station across the street, operated by Jesus.  He comes out with a gas can and says “come on over, I will fill you up”.  But they say, no thanks I’m good here, sitting in my emptiness with all these other people who are also empty.

Can I tell you what I’m talking about from a personal standpoint?  Let me share a bit of what this has looked like over the last year.  Before I get into all the details of this messiness, brokenness, and other gooey stuff, let me say that if you are looking for a path to follow for your own healing, don’t follow someone else.  God goes before you on your journey, not anyone else.  He might use other people to stir things inside of you and I hope that today’s podcast does that for you.

My story of the last year….you will have to listen to the podcast for this one.

Here is the point to all this.  God is a good father.  He loves you.  He wants the best for you.  Sometimes is tough.

Obedience will heal you.  He will heal you.  You have to surrender your understanding, your ways.  Decide that being broken is not a place to stay.  You were made for so much more.  It’s a narrow path but Jesus is standing there waiting for you to take him up on his offer.  Will you be obedient?  

Let me say this too.  God will heal you the way he knows you need to be healed.  Not always in the way that you want to be healed.  That is part of the surrender.  That is the most beautiful part.  It’s this part that brings you to your knees with tears of joy.  That your loving father sees you so clearly he knows the healing that you really need.  And it’s usually something so deep down inside that we refuse to look at.  And it changes everything for the better.  It’s your source to serve, to bless and further the kingdom.  That is his will for your life.  

I want to encourage you to pray about this.  Ask God to show you what that first step of obedience is for you. Don’t overthink it, don’t try to figure it all out.  Baby steps.  Follow him and he will guide your path.