In This Episode, 

We Talk About Setting Your Kids Up For Success As They Head Back To School

Can you believe that summer is almost over?  Fall is just around the corner and with that comes pumpkin lattes, yummy smells, pretty colors, comfy clothes, and back to school.

We all want to set our kids up for success right?  A new school year is a blank slate for them to achieve new goals.  Setting good, healthy habits from the beginning is key to laying the foundation for a successful year, and keep peace in your house in the process.  Sanity is a gift and something you can have.  

This episode was inspired from a previous three part series that we did on systems and routines.  If you haven’t heard those episodes yet, check them out:

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Here are a few tips shared in this episode:

  • Put a radio alarm in the kids rooms. This isn’t to necessary wake them up but to play Christian music at a low volume as they are waking up and getting ready in the morning.

  • Have a printed schedule for them to follow for consistency. Having separate lists for morning, after school, and bed time work best. This gives them personal responsibility and structure and avoids chaos, and builds confidence. (Free gift! See instructions below on how to get yours!)

  • Play beat the clock in the morning. You assign times for each thing they have to do, but if they get it done faster and with quality work; then they get free time!

  • During dinner time, play a game of Peak and Pit. Have each member of the family name the “Peak” of their day and the “Pit” of their day. You will avoid the “How was your day?” “I don’t know” conversation.

  • Bed time can be stressful. Don’t let anger take over! Send the kids to get into bed and then pray, take a deep breath and remind yourself to cherish the moment. They are only little for a short time and we never know what the future may hold. Enjoy bed time!

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