In This Episode, We Talk About 5 Ways To Finish The Year Strong


This episode goes live on November 1st…that means there are just 2 months left of the year!  So, we have a choice.  We can choose to say, “It’s just about over, let’s plan Thanksgiving and start decorating for Christmas.” or we can choose to make the most of the 2 months and hit some goals before we ring in 2017.  I’m choosing the second option.  Who is with me?

Here are 5 ways to end the year strong.

#1 Use 4th quarter to crush your career goals and set yourself up strategically for 2017.  It is a busy time of year and you can easily get lost in the shuffle.  Soon you will be deep into year end reviews, budgets, and planning for the next year.  Take yourself out of the busyness long enough to evaluate your team and your structure to be sure you have everything in place for the coming year.  Do you need to make changes?  Now is also a good time to be growing your skills to hit your career goals.  Remember, most corporations have budgets for professional growth and development.  Have you used yours?

#2 Commit to your health before the holidays and parties take over.  Now is the time to focus on building healthy habits to carry you through the holiday season. Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate. If you wait to start something, you will begin to justify to wait until the next “event” is over. Next thing you know it will be January and you will be needing to reverse the damage done over the holidays. Believe me, it happened to me last year. I am committed to this year being something different. We can do this together!  Interested in joining me on this journey?  Send me an email at

If you already have healthy habits, write them down and put focus and intention on them. Make a commitment to stick by them as you go through the next two months. Let’s end the year strong together, in good health!


#3 Plan to have more fun!  Look, this time of year can be crazy stressful or full of fun.  We get to choose our outlook here.  Choose to have more fun!  There is always time for things you make a priority.  Are there crafts or activities that you have always wanted to do with your kids?  Make this year the year!  No regrets!  I am creating a Pinterest called “This Holiday I will…”  if you are looking for some ideas, follow me over there.  I should note, I will be pinning other people’s incredible ideas.  No need to reinvent the wheel!

#4  Let’s talk finances.  Pointing to the topic above, the holidays can be fun but they can also be expensive.  Challenge yourself to make a budget for the next two months and stick to it.  No excuses.  You can do it!  Let’s take this a step further.  Talk to your financial person in your life and be sure that you are squared away with everything you will need for taxes.  See how you can maximize your investments before the end of the year.  You might be able to make up some lost ground….it doesn’t hurt to ask!

#5  Don’t let your marriage fall through the cracks.  It would be easy to do.  After all, when we think about the holidays we think about the kids.  Make sure you are making room for your husband in all you are doing as well!  What makes him feel most loved and respected?  Do that!  For me, it is going to be all about sticking to number 4.  Money stresses my husband out.  So, I am choosing to honor him by seeing how much extra money I can sneak into savings.  If you are struggling in your marriage, I did a video in our facebook group recently that you might get something from.  Click here to watch it.