In This Episode We Continue in Our Take Back Balance Challenge Series

We focus on Self Coaching

Think about the role of the coach.  Someone to encourage you, help you stay on the path toward your goals and help you navigate tough situations.  It is key that you surround yourself with people that can give you a perspective that you otherwise would not see.  But you can have the best people in your corner, even pay to hire coaches to help you out and still struggle if you don’t have the right conversations happening in your head.  Use kind words and learn techniques that will help you help yourself.  There are some really helpful tips for this and action items that you can apply in the 7 day challenge.  Join our Free Challenge by clicking on the image below:


Let’s start off by talking about how you talk to yourself.  What you tell yourself about yourself is reflected in how you see yourself.  How you see yourself shows up in the actions you make and how you act to the world.  How you act, and reactions you get from the world leads to how you talk to yourself.  Do you see how this is a cycle?  It can be a good cycle or a bad cycle.  The good news is that you can interrupt the cycle.  Start telling yourself good stuff and you will see yourself differently,  then you will show up differently, and that will reinforce the good stuff you tell yourself.  Remember who you are in God.  The negative things you say about yourself are lies.  Want to know who God says you are?  Follow this link to read all the scripture to find out:

So here is what I want you to do:

  1. In a notebook list out all 8 categories of life. Faith, marriage, family, health, career, finances, home, and friends/fun.

  2. List out at least 1 thing that is positive about YOU in each category. Bonus points if you do more than one.

  3. Reread the list. Put the list in a place where you can find it easily.

  4. When you find yourself in a situation where the “negative cycle” is starting to run, interrupt it with these positive pieces!

Always remember who God created you to be.  You are his child!

The Second part of Self Coaching, is being able to coach yourself through situations where you need to make a decision on something.  For this exercise, pick something in your life that is stressing you out.  What area of your life is pulling you out of balance?

  1. Write that on a piece of paper.

  2. Look for the facts. Journal about the situation. Then go back with two highlighters, different colors. Highlight the facts with one color, and feelings, interpretations, assumptions with a different color.

  3. Looking at the facts vs everything else, I want you to step out of the situation and pretend that a friend of yours has this problem and not you. She is asking you for advice. What do you tell her?

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