We have been talking about goals for the last few weeks because, well, it’s the new year and we are setting new goals, intentions, selecting words for the year.  I want to help support you for the most amazing 2019 and I want you to be equipped to help you reach those goals. I hope that even in one small way, I can help you get to where you want to go and more importantly, where God is calling you to.  This episode will round out this series and it is a shorter one. But rather than it just being shorter, I want it to be a bit of a choose your own adventure. At the end of the episode, I will be pointing you to another episode that will meet your right where you are at… and you get to choose.

But sometimes we can set the very best of intentions, plan it all out but when we come to actually doing what needs to happen, we fizzle out.  Or maybe instead of fizzling out or losing motivation, you keep getting it in the face with obstacles that you never saw coming. And sometimes those obstacles can just be exhaustion.

I know for me, when I am goal setting and planning, I am not always realistic.  I am a dreamer, an optimist, a believer. While I love that God made me that way, sometimes I can plan for the best and when reality does not deliver as planned….I can feel like a failure, or get frustrated, or sad.

I can be hard and the reason it is hard is because I get so tied to the outcome.  I set goals with expectation. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, I still stand to set goals with a clear vision of the outcome of what you want.  It sets the direction in which to go. But we also have to be open to the journey. Because in the journey of getting to where we want to go, God will teach us things, we will go deeper to learn more about ourselves, and what we really want in our lives becomes clearer.

Sometimes I thought I wanted things but in the process of trying to get them, God showed me I could let it go.  It wasn’t really what I wanted after all.

Sometimes we need to hold onto the vision and just do what is right in front of us and not worry so much about the details.  God will take care of the details in ways that we sometimes never expect or dream up on our own.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves grace and set realistic expectations and goals.  I really dislike that. When I am in seasons of my life that I need to calm down a bit with all the things, I feel like I am lowering the bar.  But really, if we change our perspective, we are not lowering our standards or settling for less, we are choosing to rest in him and trust in him to help us grow on a deeper level.

When you are in these seasons, we do need to be careful that we are not giving into the flesh and choosing to be lazy.  There is a difference in taking a season to rest and seek God in a deeper way and choosing to not do the things that we know will bring good fruit.  There are just seasons where we are taking new ground and our goals and intentions reflect that and seasons where we are called to stay where we are and see what is there for us.  There is wisdom in knowing the difference and can be frustrating when we want to do one thing but God has other plans. But trust me, following his will is the better way to go.

So if you find yourself planning your week to reach your goals and just not able to follow through on what you planned because you are tired, or not able to find your grove….maybe you need to rest.  Maybe you just need better sleep and some vitamins. Do you know how you know the difference? You get into the word, you pray, you seek confirmation with the word, you pray more and God will reveal what you seek. Sometimes his answer is easier to find than others, but if you lean in, you will find it.

So as you are setting your goals, casting visions, and dreaming big… hold them loosely in your hands.  Set the intention but let go of the expectation. Ask God to direct your steps and while you have cast the vision, don’t worry about seeing anything beyond what the lamp guiding your path allows you to see.  Trust in the journey to get there and give yourself grace.

OK, I told you this message would be short.  No action steps like we usually have but I wanted to direct you back to a few other episodes depending on where you are.

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