Weekly Prep for the new year

Three keys to reaching your New Year goals

  1. Clarity of what you actually want

  2. Clarity of what you need to do to get there-make your plan

  3. Do the plan

    1. Pre-plan a week at a time-  Actions you need to take and the calendar.  If it’s not on your calendar…..when are you going to do it?

    2. Identify and work around the obstacles

    3. Watch your mindset

      1. Justifications

      2. Excuses-   Remember: You are the one that set the goal.

      3. If you want something different you have to do something different

      4. If you want something different you need to react in a different way

        1. Reading a book called I declare war by Levi Lusko  It’s all about how to win the battle with yourself.  The things that you are doing that are holding you back.  

If you don’t have clarity with your goals-get clarity.  They don’t have to be big goals. This time of year, everything seems to be about big goals.  Think big and dream….but let that be like 5 years out or longer. Then think about the next 90 days and what you can do to move you closer to the vision for your life.

If you have clear goals, but don’t know how to get to where you want to go…..spend some time developing a plan.  Use the guide inside the Weekly Success Planning course or if it’s something you need outside help with, get the outside help.  Maybe your goals are financial and you feel stuck and don’t know how to make and stick to a budget. Get software, take a course, or reach out to a professional to help you.  Same goes with your marriage, being a mom, your career, health, you name it. Can’t get organized in your house? Same thing applies there.

Need help in putting this all together?  Post in this group, reach out to me. I am more than happy to help.

Link to the book I mention in this episode:  I Declare war by Levi Lusko

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