We are called to be a people of vision and to keep our eyes focused at what is before us, and to present ourselves in the best version of ourselves.  Growing and transforming to be more like Jesus. Plus, setting goals and dreaming about what life will be like when you achieve them is fun! At least I think it is fun.  But you know what is not fun? Setting the same goals over and over and not getting there. Starting the year with the best of intentions and then fizzling out and not sticking with it.  

But what if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way?  

Today I am going to give you strategies to help your goals that you have set for yourself stick.

Before we get to that, I wanted to tell you about a new program that we have coming in January, starting January 20th to be exact.  If you have listened to the podcast for some time then you have likely heard me reference the Life Balance system. It’s a course that is inside the Your Life Rocks app that helps guide you to being the best version of yourself in all 8 areas of life.  

Well, in my new program Life Balance Academy we are taking it to the next level for a 10-week live group coaching program.  You will learn the system and how to personalize it to your life through live coaching with me. In addition, you will learn from a new expert each week on how you can be the best version of you, break through bad habits holding you back, and equip you with tools for your faith, marriage, parenting, home, finances, health, career, and friendships.  Because it’s a live coaching group, you can get all your questions answered, get the support that can help you stay on course and see real change in your life. Because this is the first time we are offering a live course like this, you can get special pricing by signing up for this session. Learn more by going to or email for more info.

Strategies to make your goals stick

  1. Go big with your vision.  

Don’t just think about this year, your goals should align with your life vision….or at least a 5-year vision.  When you sent the intention for what you want your life to represent, what you value, what you want to be known for, what is important not just to you but the whole family… gives you clarity to what you need to be putting your time and attention to.  Being a part of a bigger vision helps your goals have more weight and importance than just an arbitrary goal picked from your emotions at the moment.

2.  Make it an actual vision.  Can you see it in your head?  Really imagine what life will look like when you reach your goal or are living in your intention.  What are you doing? Where are you going? Picture it like a movie in your head.

3.  Go small with the specifics.  When you have set your intentions for the year that are in alignment with your bigger vision for your life (or the next 5 years), set smaller specific goals that will get you there.  Start with 90-day goals, set monthly milestones, weekly targets, and daily actions that will get you there. You can set more than one goal at a time to help you move toward your vision.  In fact, I recommend that you set small goals in each area of your life. Please hear me when I say this. If you hear nothing else. There is a difference between a goal and a lifestyle change.  I don’t recommend doing more than one lifestyle change at one time. We talked about this in our group coaching inside the Your Life Rocks Life Balance app a few months ago. You can go back and watch the replay of that training.

4.  Create an action board… not a vision board.  An action board focuses on the actions that you need to do in order to reach where you want to go. Create it digitally and then you can print it out or store it as your wallpaper on your phone or computer.

5.  Stick to a system that will help you live it out.

The Life Balance Academy will take you in-depth with each of these steps of casting a bigger vision and then breaking it down.  But it goes further. We will be heavily focused on the actions to take to build the habits that support your goals and help you achieve them while growing in all areas of your life.

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