As we are getting ready for 2019 and closing out 2018, this episode is a great exercise to get yourself ready for all that is to come.  It’s a flashback…originally this was episode 50 and originally played 3 years ago.  As a working mom, we are all working on balancing 8 areas of life and in this episode, we are talking about how to show up as the best version of yourself in all of those areas.  We will be talking about your faith, being a wife, mom, your career, home, health, finances, and friendships.

Like a lot of our episodes, this one is more like a mini-workshop. You are going to want to grab your notebook and take some action as I guide you through the activities described in the show.

Now at the end of the show, I talked about our new Life Balance Toolbox. You can access it by clicking here.


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