On today’s show we are wrapping up our Holiday Sanity series.  I hope you have enjoyed this series, I have loved hearing from you and how you have applied what we talked about with Kimberly Walton from Cherished wives about in-laws, how you have planned and set intentions for your Christmas season, your career planning for closing out the year strong and setting yourself up for a great 2019, and of course how you are giving back and praying for others in your community.

Today was we are closing off this series, we are getting real.  Of course, I try to always bring content that is real to life as a working mom, but today we are talking about something that often gets overlooked this time of year.  A lot of people are talking about Advent Bible studies, fun crafts to do with the kids, their favorite Christmas movie, and the parties and fun activities that fill our schedule.  But what about the moms that are just trying to keep up with it all? What about when you are really wanting to be all holly jolly, but feeling a little empty, rushed, and feel like you are missing the magic of the season?

If I am honest, every year starts exactly the same.  I have expectations for the season and I find myself in the reality that doesn’t meet them.  Luckily, the last few years, I have been able to acknowledge it and carefully draw boundaries and time for self reflection and self care.  But that tension between expectation and reality….that is stress. Stress cuts us off from Joy.

So, how do you find joy for the season with just one week to go when you feel like you are missing the season or even worse, that you are doing it wrong?

This episode, we are going to talk about it and better yet, I am going to give you my best tools to help you out.

This episode is more of the kind of content I would have available just for Members of Life Balance, but I wanted to share it with all of you because I think it might help you this holiday season.

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Ok, let’s dive into these strategies to help you this holiday season.

  1. First you need to do a brain dump of all the things that are stressing you out.  One of the reasons that we often struggle with peace is because we are always swimming in the sea of things to do.  If you can get it out of your head, it allows your brain to do something other than torment you with your unfinished tasks.  You can actually look at them objectively and make a plan.

    1. Grab a piece of paper and list it all out.  Everything. Don’t worry about formatting, or spelling.  Just get it out and onto paper.

    2. Then highlight the 3 most important

    3. Then highlight or circle the two most timely….meaning you need to do it NOW or it will mess something else up.

    4. Delete anything that you can let go of

    5. Your first 5….see if you can get it done today.  

    6. Everything else, schedule it in your calendar giving yourself twice as long as you think it will take

  2. Then do an emotional dump list.  If you need to, it might be helpful to do this before you do the detail of the brain “to-do” list.

    1. With a fresh sheet of paper, write non-stop about how you feel, what is stressing you out, how someone made you mad, what’s making you sad……get it all out.  Don’t worry about your writing, spelling, or anything….just dump it all out. Cry if you need to. When I am done with this exercise, I usually need to move around or clean something.  So go for a walk or do what you need to do. If you don’t need to do that and want to move on, do that.

  3. Write out a new narrative.  How do you want to be from now, until Christmas?  Of course, this strategy works outside of Christmas too.  Anytime you find yourself being overwhelmed. Visualizing how you want to be.  How you want your environment to be. How you want to react to stress will help you overwrite the patterns that are already happening.  It give your brain a different model to follow.

    1. Once you know how you want to be and how you want it to go, describe what your function is in the scenario.  What are you saying? Thinking? Doing? Then set yourself up proactively to do those things.

  4. If you have taken the Weekly Success Planning course, then you know this.  Proactive, intentional planning is all about removing the obstacles and barriers to your success.  And in this case, it’s “success” of your holiday season. I highly recommend that you take the free course to get all the steps and do this and use the WSP planning tool inside the app to prepare for your time before Christmas.  Repurpose the tool. And….it’s totally free inside the free app….really there is no excuse.

Last  tip:

5.  Give yourself grace.  I know it’s so easy to say and not always easy to do.  We are all way to hard on ourselves….myself included. But God has extended you grace for all of your sins.  You are forgiven of it all and it’s not tied to your performance….and your holiday should not be either. Soak in the lights, soak in the sounds, the smells, and every little thing.  The beauty of life is found in the imperfection. Think about what really matters….what you are doing for others or how you are treating them while you are doing all the things? How it looks or how it feels?  When we lay down the masks and the pretending, we allow God to minister to our hurts, refresh our spirit, give us rest, and wash us over with peace.

Next week is Christmas, I am praying for you and your family for a safe, and memorable remainder of the season.  Even though Christmas is on a Tuesday, there will be a new episode for you to listen when you get around to it. So until then, keep building a life, and holiday that rocks.

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