We are currently in a Holiday sanity series on the podcast. Each week we will be helping you navigate all the stuff that is so real this holiday season. Because it is a stressful time of year and we all know that it shouldn’t be, but we don’t really know how to clear all the junk out of the way that makes it seem so crazy and get down to the things that matter most.

This week is all about giving you a strong foundation in which to navigate the holiday season. I am going to be walking you through the Holiday Sanity workshop and planning strategy that you can find inside the Your Life Rocks app, completely for free. You can go to your app store search Your Life Rocks and find the app. Click here to learn more:

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You will find the workshop under courses inside the app and in there you will find an instructional video, planning worksheets if you want to use them, otherwise, I will just guide you through how to do the planning in your notebook.  You will also find bonus content like recommended Spotify playlists for worshiping during this season and so much more.

It’s totally free, there is no reason not to get it.  Plus, you will have access to Weekly Success Planning workshop and planning tool inside the app too.

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OK, let’s get into holiday planning.  This process is really about setting the intention for what you want this holiday season.  It’s making a stand for what matters to you and simplifying the season to just those things.  Because it’s just those things that matter most.

I’m going to walk you through everything that you will find inside the workshop.  Listen to the podcast episodes for the details on each step and you will also find them inside the workshop.

Here are the steps to the process:

  1. Set the intention

  2. Make your master list

  3. Make your detailed list

  4. Calendar all the tasks and activities

  5. Edit to your theme

Plus, I give you 5 tips to make living out your intention that much easier.

Download the app! The Your Life Rocks app is available on iTunes and Google play. Get the tools you need to create the life you are called to.

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