Ladies, I feel like we have been moving through so much learning the last few weeks that we need to bring some things together and actually move forward in applying an having the things we learned sink in and take roots.  So, that is what we are going to be talking about in this episode. How to close those loops. You know we are always learning new ideas, getting new inspiration…but when we don’t do anything with it or complete what we started, it leaves us feeling frustrated, behind and that is where the guilt starts to kick in.  I don’t want that for me and I don’t want that for you.

If you are new to the show, welcome.  I am so glad you are here. We just finished a series on stress, then went into a series about creating the homes that we long for (like cleaning, organizing, home keeping type stuff) and last week we were talking about career stuff.  It’s like our lives as working moms…all the things. And if you are in all the things without some organization and moments to just breath….well friends, that is where all the negativity breeds. For those of you that are new, we are all about taking away that negative, focusing on the good and the blessings and helping you create more balance in your life.

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Did you know you can actually go out of your podcast app and go to the app store and download it while I am talking to you?  You don’t even have to leave the show….that’s one thing that you don’t even have to add to your to-do list. Unless you really like crossing things off your to-do list, then add it and cross it off to get the satisfaction.  I do that sometimes when I am working on bigger projects and don’t get to mark things complete as often as my OCD brain needs to.

Ok, back to our topic.  Ladies this has been on my mind simmering for weeks.  A few weeks back we had Jenny Walsh on the show. And we were talking about the habits that create the mess in our houses.  The habits that create overwhelm. It was a huge light bulb moment for me, I’ll be honest. She talked about finishing a loop.  One of the examples she gave was a cup of coffee. If you want to have a cup of coffee, you get out the cup, make the coffee, put away your supplies, drink the coffee, wash the cup and put it away.  The loop is complete and ready to redo it the next day. Nothing is left undone.

First off, easier said than done.  But we can write what the loops look like for us.  For me, the loop is complete when the cup is in the dishwasher.

But this is what I have been thinking about so much…..what other loops are left undone in my life?  What other things do I start and leave open that are causing stress, anxiety, clutter in my mind and in my life?  I know that this is a big and vague topic, but I felt compelled to share and think that it will benefit someone. I just know it will.

Alright, so we talk about the 8 areas of life right?  This is where you will want to grab your notebook because I am going to walk you through an exercise to see what open loops you have.

Here are the actions to take:

I want you to write down all 8 areas of life.  Faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, financial, home, friends/fun….Got them all?  Good.

Next, I want you to think about what is undone?  What goals are unrealized? Dreams that are not stared?  Tasks that are not complete?

The undone has a silent way of weighing us done and making life hard without us even realizing it.  I say this all the time, but sometimes we need to bring things out into the light, see them for what they are to take away their power.

Some of the things that come up for you in this process might be small things, or they might be big things.  You might not have anything for one area and a lot for others.

Once you have journaled these out, take a few moments to pray about them.  Maybe go for a walk, clear your head and let God really speak to you. Some of the things that came up for you-you might come to peace with letting go of and other things you might be really convicted to take action on and finish the loop.

I’ll share two with you that have been weighing me down.  One is easy, and simple. When I started my job and decided to add it into what I was already doing ( for those of you that don’t know, My husband and I own two businesses together and I went back to the corporate world back in January) I wanted to travel more.  Invest in my marriage in more date nights and weekends away. It’s easy to say we are to busy or can’t afford it. Well, even with that as an intention, we are still not doing it. We went away last march….like 7 months ago and it was a research trip for one of our businesses.  I had no idea how exhausting it was to carry that thought around in the back of my mind “we need to plan a getaway” We need to go somewhere and do something…..It was always there. If I go back to all my 90-day planning sheets from the Life Balance system under marriage….it’s there.  Yet I wasn’t completing the loop. So it was weighing me down. Well, last week, we intentionally closed the loop and scheduled a two-day getaway. Done! Now I can move on. It felt like a ton of weight was lifted.

Now the second one is not as easy and simple.  It’s something that I have been talking about and procrastinating about and making more complex than it needed to be.  And if I am honest, I do this with so much stuff. I make it more complicated than it needs to be. The more complex the harder to execute.  I’m talking about my health. Seriously, do you know how many health experts I have had on this show? How many podcasts I have listened to, audio books, read books……I know I need to lose about 20 lbs.  I use to be a weight loss counselor years ago before I switched careers. I have worked for health and wellness companies. Yet here I am. It’s going to take time to close the loop but I am committing to a path and not wavering from it.  It’s a proven path that works for me, one that I can do and I am going to do it. And keep it simple.

So what are you leaving unfinished in your life?  What do you need to do to close some loops and move on?  Please let me encourage you to do the exercise I outlined in this episode.  I will be praying for you and if there is something in particular that you would like me to be praying for, you can totally reach out.  We have a closed Facebook group for listeners of the show, and you can always post prayer requests in there or you can email me directly or send me a message on Instagram.  My email is

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Hope you have a great week!  And until next week, keep building a life that rocks.

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