Stress can take its toll on our bodies. Did you know that this can be exasperated by the choices we make with our sleep, physical movement, emotions, and what we eat? Stress is going to come into our lives regardless of what we do, so why not learn the tips and tricks to set us up for success to combat it? Our guest and Functional Medical Expert, Autumn Beam, is here to share real-life tips that you can use to thrive in your everyday life, combat the effects of stress, and prevent long-term disease.

About our guest

Autumn Beam is the founder of Hope Wellness a national clinical nutrition and functional wellness company based in Los Angeles, CA. After her own personal battle spanning two decades with the western healthcare system, Autumn made it her mission to find answers for herself and for others in the same situation. In this journey, she discovered functional medicine, which investigates the root cause of chronic illnesses, metabolic imbalances and nutritional deficiencies to get the client back to an optimal state of wellness in the most natural way possible. She is finishing up her Graduate degree in Human Nutrition with an emphasis in

Functional Medicine and her certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Passionate about sharing her story and her message, she is an engaging speaker who has been featured as a special guest on many nationally broadcast shows.

Tips shared from the show

4 Categories that greatly affects our stress levels:

  1. Lack of Sleep – how it affects our bodies beyond just feeling tired. Here we delve further on how as seemingly simple as lack of sleep is, it actually has a great impact on our overall health.

  2. Exercise – it should not be like a second full time job. Here, we learn more about the practical side of how you can effortlessly add it to your daily routine.

  3. Mental/Emotional Stress – how to re-frame your thoughts to become more productive and how the fight or flight mechanism actually protects us.

  4. Nutrition- why stress affects everything from what we crave to our digestive system.

What else you can learn:

  • Fertility Issues – its root cause.

  • Fight or Flight Reaction.

  • What to eat when you’re craving sugar.

  • Vitamins needed for optimum activity.

  • …and a whole lot more!

Action Items from the show

  1. Be intentional about what you eat (whole grains, real food)

  2. Be intentional about when you eat (breakfast, lunch….away from your desk)

  3. Keep an open mind knowing that influences your stress and make a plan to reduce your chances for disease.

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learn more about our guest

Name: Autumn Beam
Occupation: Clinical Nutritionist
Instagram: @iamautumnbeam

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