Life can be so cloudy.  It’s hard to tell what is true, and I believe we are natural truth seekers.  Think about how much chaos this can cause?

For real, here is an example.  I recently have been really focused on my health.  I’m seeking more knowledge so I can learn how to best take care of my body to function at my best.  I have been doing intermittent fasting, meaning I fast for 16-18 hours a day. There are many studies on it and doing it, I feel so much better.  Well, as many studies and positive things about intermittent fasting there are, there are just as many against doing it. I was at a work meeting and talking with my co-workers before the meeting began and I mentioned that I had been intermittent fasting and they were like “No, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That’s not healthy.” So what is true?

And this scale or contrast of what is true and what is a lie is outside of us.  It’s debatable. But what about the truths within us?

My internal dialogue, thoughts, and opinions can cause more confusion than anything else outside of me.  I mean, really. Have you ever over thought something so many times that you were like, I don’t even know what is true anymore?  What is right?

Okay, stay with me on this because I really think this is such a big key piece to not only finding balance by keeping yourself sane.

Can I just say that sometimes as a working mom I feel like I am losing my mind?  There are so many things going on. So many people asking for something from me, asking me questions… it gets to be too much.  And when I get to that point, it’s easy for me to believe things that are not true, because they seem true.

We say things meant as an exaggeration, but it’s legit how we feel or at least how I feel.

And friends, it’s at this point that we have a choice.  Are we going to keep throwing kindling on the fire of the crazy train or pause and seek the truth?

Last week our challenge was all about finding your groove back.  If you missed it, go back and check it out. Music is powerful.

Recently, I was flying to LA for work and I was listening to my flight playlist (secret about me, I have horrible flight anxiety but I travel a lot for work). One of the songs was from Casting Crowns, ‘Here’s my heart Lord’.  It was the live version. Just the chorus, “search my heart Lord, speak what is true.” Sometimes we have to be careful of who we are listening to for the truth.

Who knows more?  Nutrition experts or my co-workers?  The self-talk that tells me I am not enough, or the creator of all things that made me in his image?

One of the lines of the song says “I am found”.  It was this one line that triggered this week’s challenge.  I can’t tell you how many times I have told myself, “I feel lost”.

How many other things have I said like that?  

“I feel like I am not good enough.”

“I feel unloved.”

“I feel, I feel, I feel…

Feelings are important and are from God.  But anything that contradicts the word of God is not truth.  Emotions are not truth. The exaggerated version might be the best way to explain what you are going through at that moment, but we have to recognize that it is not truth.  

When life hit you like that, allow yourself to have those feelings, move through them to see why they are there, and what caused them to come up and what you can learn from it.  But separate the emotion from the lie with the truth.

Listen to me:

You are loved

You have been found

You are seen

You are capable of doing hard things

You are smart

You were created in the image of God

You are good enough, pretty enough, kind enough… You are enough.

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So here is the challenge for this week.

Identify your lies and replace them with the truth.

Easy right?  Yeah right.  Depending on the day you are having when you listen to this, you will either say

“I can’t think of any lies I have been telling myself.”  Or  “But what if it’s not a lie…what if I really am not enough.”

Trust me I have been in both places and sometimes in the same day.  That’s why we are doing this all week.

Keep track in your planner, on post-it notes, in your journal.  Ask God to seek your heart.

In our bonus content, I will have some thought starters for you to work through.  Schedule 30 minutes during a lunch break or after the kids go to bed to sit quietly, and pray through the list I’ll provide you.

To be honest, part of me wanted to skip the lie part of this challenge and just have you focus on the truth.  But life doesn’t work that way. We have to bring the lies into the light, look them square in the eyes and call them out.  That is a lie. Recognize it as full as not true. That way you will see it for what it really is the next time it comes back around.

Ok so we talked about identifing the lies.  

When you have found them, rebuke them.  Know that they are the weapons of the enemy to stop you.  To keep you smaller than what God plans for you. The battle is won.  Don’t let him wield his weapons on you just to mess with you. In the name of Jesus, rebuke that lie.  It has no power of you.

Next:  Focus on the truth.  What is the truth that contradicst that lie?

Write it out.  Can’t think of one?  Pray about it. Ask your best friend, or husband.  Best yet, search for bible verses about it. #truth.  Exercise what you have access to.

Last step:

Looking at your list of lies and truth.  What three seem to be the most powerful? Maybe it’s the truths that deep down you know you don’t beleive.  What are you struggeling with?

Take your top three and make them your daily affirmations.  Mediate on the truth during your prayer time. Find bible scriptures to support them.  Ask God to change your heart. Let them, along with your song from the first challenge become your anthem.  

I can’t wait to see what you all do with this challenge.  Share your thruths on social media and tag me @Yourliferocks

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It’s my prayer that God would bless you in mighty ways during this challenge.  Until next week, Keep building a life that rocks.