Work, kids, to do list, demands, sleep, repeat.  As a working mom, you are leading a very full and busy life.  Like I had to tell you that, right?

On this show, we talk a lot about habits and routines because they are the key to making it all work.  They are the success drivers of our lives. Without them, chaos ensues. If you have ever missed your weekly planning process, then you know.  If you are currently living without any systems then you really know. Chaos can drown you. When you have systems and habits, life is easier.

But, it can get boring.  Actually, as I think about it, either way, we can lose our spark.  Chaos or organized. The point is, when we are focused on what needs to get done in life, we can lose focus on actually enjoying it.

So what do we do?  We swing the balance pendulum all the way to the other side.  We start planning vacations or even just a lazy Saturday of doing nothing.  These are great, and needed. But how are you going to fill your tank back up when it’s a random Tuesday and you feel defeated and tired?

I recently rediscovered something and it has been so powerful for me, I had to include it in this challenge.  I found a way to find my groove, fill my spirit, and change my energy in 3 minutes and 56 seconds.

Now before I tell you what it is….there is something we need to address first.

Good stuff can be simple.  

You see as a busy mom, sometimes we blow right past the easy wins that we could be grabbing.  We don’t intend to, but we are moving so fast we just do.

Ok, so here is my story as an example.  I am a part of a group that I joined to help me have accountability as I get ready to bring the Life Balance app into the world.  It’s a business group and they have challenges to help you keep moving forward. It’s awesome.

Well, then the coach that is leading it starts talking about self-care.  Um, hello? I am here to learn about marketing and for accountability.  

I have issues with “self-care”. Not because I don’t think it’s important because I completely do.  But because of where our current culture has taken it. Self-care seems to have turned into self-worshipping sometimes.  It’s a justification to spend a lot of money and time on ourselves. But why is self-care important? To restore ourselves.  To fill back up so we can keep doing what God has called us to do. To keep us going. I am always searching for the more simple things that can do this for me in the most efficient way.  Afterall, if something fills my tank up but depletes that of my husband or kids…..why am I doing it?

This is why, for me, planning and sticking to my habits are self care.  Spending time with God is self-care. Choosing to eat foods that fuel me is self-care.  But I was still missing something that would be a fast spike of energy and inspiration in my soul.

Along came this challenge.  

If you listened a few weeks ago, I shared that God is currently working in me with submission.  Letting go of the pride that I know what is best and I am working on trusting and following other people.

With that in mind, I did the self-care challenge even though I didn’t want to.  It was exactly what I needed.  Just what I was searching for.

The challenge was simple.  Find a theme song that lifts you up and speaks to your soul for the season you are in.  

Simple right?  It was so effective and life giving.  

I want you to experience the same thing that I did and continue to experience as a result of this.

So here is this week’s challenge.  Find a song that gives you your groove back and walk through the steps to make it a part of you.

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This Week’s Challenge:

  1. Decide that you will do this challenge.  It’s not that hard and because it is so simple, you might decide to just blaze right past it.  Don’t. Trust me. Once you do it, you will thank me.

  2. Pray that God will bring the right song to you.

  3. You might already have a song in mind and if you do, look it up on youtube and watch the video.  Is it still the right song? If yes, proceed. If not or if you don’t know what song you should choose, follow this process.

    • Open up a music app that you have.  I prefer Spotify but if you have apple music, google music, Pandora, or even just stay with youtube.

    • Search playlists for what you need.  Here is what I mean. I needed energy.  I actually had an idea of what my song was when I picked it.  I knew it was from Toby Mac but I didn’t know what song it was. I just knew that when I would work out, there was a song that would come on from the Christian Workout playlist that made me push harder and get my second wind.  I am currently in a very busy season and I needed that jolt like every day work out or not. I thought it was from Toby Mac but wasn’t sure. So I went to youtube and searched, and luckily it was the first song that came up and I knew!  That is it! I was flooded with emotion from the spirit and knew it was from God. So for you, it might be healing or encouragement, or whatever. Search those playlists and I am sure you will find one that fits. Then listen to the songs until one catches your attention.  Do it while you are working and you can kill two birds at once.

    • Once you have an idea of the song, go to Youtube and watch the music video.  It will help solidify if it is the song you want.

  4. Hopefully, this process won’t take to long.  Once you have selected your song. Save it, download it, and get ready to listen to it every day for the next little bit of time.  

  5. Look up the lyrics and print them out.  Reading the words will activate a different part of your brain.  

  6. Looking at the lyrics, look at what verses or words really speak to you.  Write that on a sticky note, make it a wallpaper for your phone or computer.  Let it be your reminder of the song and what you get from it.

I know this is such a simple exercise.  I truly hope you do it. It does take some time to find it, but once you do…I promise you will be glad you did.  For those that have signed up for the bonuses of this challenge, I will have playlist suggestions for you in the program.  You can find the link to everything in your email and if you are a member of Life Balance Membership, there is an icon on your home screen that will take you to all the bonus content.  In addition to the recommendations, we will have the full activity with tips for you to be successful with this week’s challenge

I would love to hear what song you picked!  Share in our Facebook group or on Instagram.  If you are not yet a member of the group, head on over to and click the community tab or you can search for us in Facebook.

On Instagram, share either on your story or regular.  You can share a screenshot of the show and mention your song name or an image that represents your song.  Either way, use the hashtag #createalifethatrocks

Ok so I shared the process with you, I shared my experience, and I asked you to share your song with me.  But, I just realized, I didn’t share my song with you yet. My song is Toby Mac’s I just need you.

Often I find myself saying “I need….” insert any number of things.  More hours in my day, more coffee, a hug from my husband, something to ease up at work.  Nope. I just need Jesus. He solves all my other issues. Not because he takes them away.  Because he strengthens me. He changes my perspective. He lightens the load in ways I can’t even explain.  So yeah, the music of the song makes me want to dance but the words of the song make me want to praise. It has helped me find my groove again and it is the best self-care I can do….and it takes less than 4 minutes.